A Grell appreciation blog. Dedicated to the gorgeous shinigami that everyone loves.

Anonymous said: When I die i want you to as my reaper. That would be AWESOME.

No you don’t….I make a mess

Anonymous said: do you like halloween

Does a cat like mice? OF COURSE Favorite holiday!

mukuro27 said: You are so good looking. I'm kinda of nervous when someone says I look beautiful. I always feel I don't Have you any advice?

No one can stop your beauty but you.

Anonymous said: i wanna be immortal like you any ideas

Anonymous said: Blood splattered vixen of death, Do you believe true love can really exist?

Anonymous said: what is your favorite band?

Anonymous said: *throws wedding bouquet*

Anonymous said: *is shirtless* - sebastian

Anonymous said: Opinion of orange - colour? Opinion of tomatoes?


Anonymous said: where can I get your shoes?? ;)

No copying!

Anonymous said: Can you paint yourself in red dyed chocolate / and or blood (whichever is easier), and come to my house so I can lick you clean?


Anonymous said: Sebastian or William?

Gah don’t make me choooooose!!

Anonymous said: oh grell, darling the blood, all the blood can you ever get enough?

No no I suppose I can’t…

Anonymous said: do you like bacon

Ewww no too many fatty calories this lady has to watch her figure!

Anonymous said: owwww rape me :3


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